About us

We are a voluntary organisation of Parent/Carers who either have or wish to support the interests of our Worcestershire children with Additional Requirements and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

As concerned parents we have pooled our personal experiences, Professional expertise and vast network of resources to come together to create change.

We decided that as an externally funded, not-for-profit organisation, we can comment unconstrained about Local funding and transitory public engagement exercises. Together we can provide a very unique, honest voice and an impartial opinion on the Services we rely on and share the wider picture of local families needs. By bringing this information and our skills together we can get to the heart of the matter – our children – and the impact of the current state of the Health & Social care systems in Worcestershire. We need to see a positive change.

Please help us create change by filling in our confidential questionnaire here.

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